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pro bonitas

Our attention at AYMP is never limited to the courthouse. AYMP members, both individually and together as a firm, are committed to fostering social relationships that enhance the society’s wellbeing. AYMP is a regular sponsor for sports and music events, including Jakarta Race Series and Capella Amadeus String Concerts, as well as workshops and educational concert tours in cities outside of Java.

AYMP has been a staunch patron of Yayasan Senyum – the Smile Foundation of Bali ( in bringing healthcare services to people with craniofacial disabilities, and of Yayasan Bridging Project – a foundation located in Bandung focusing on providing shelter for orphans. We also took part in the establishment of Rachel House (, a foundation that focuses on providing palliative care and shelter to children with life-threatening conditions (including cancer and HIV/AIDS).

Furthermore, AYMP provided legal and advisorial assistance to Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), a non-profit global organization focusing on lifting up social welfare standards of the Indonesian society. AYMP assisted the establishment of YCAB Venture Capital, a vehicle of funding for the economic lower class.

AYMP plays a role in converging international scope to country-specific focus in assisting Grameen Foundation, a Washington, DC based non-profit global organization that harnesses the underappreciated strengths of the poor—an approach inspired by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus—in implementing its programs and activities in Indonesia.